Hey there, I’m Kate!

I’ve been immersed in photography since I was just a little kiddo.

My dad had a 1970’s era Pentax, the K1000, which was the standard film SLR learning camera back when I was in school, and earlier. I remember asking him when we went out on our drives on cool New Hampshire autumn afternoons, “Why does it take you so long to take a picture?” That curiosity sparked what is now my career.  He lent me the camera in high school to learn on, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve worked in many print labs (I used to manage a large Ritz Camera in West Philly) and for various studios across the country (Boston and Philadelphia photographers, Olan Mills, and Kyle Zimmerman Studio here in Albuquerque), and have always dreamed of running my own photo studio. Life has brought many twists and turns, but I happily operate on a location-only basis. This is fun for me, and for you (!) because we can shoot anywhere in the city and beyond. Typically, we will discuss your session ahead of time, and I will determine a suitable location based on the look or style that you are going for. I do take recommendations within reason! Occasionally, a session calls for a more “discreet” locale which, if you don’t want to use your home, it’s no problem. I have some connections with studios that rent space out by the hour, which are widely available.

One of my favorite things about photography is connection. There it is. Between the subject when I’m photographing him or her, the way that they let me “in,” to their world, for a few moments. There has to be a trust that we build for the portraits to have feeling, and just a little bit of vulnerability to demonstrate the human factor and make them relatable. There are so many people that I meet who are scared of the camera but need photos for their business. My job is to get them comfortable enough to share their best attributes in front of my lens, so that they will be proud of their image and want to share it. More often or not, I hear, “That was fun!” at the end of a photo session, and that’s my goal.